Now it´s only a short time before St. Martins Evening

As tradition bids, we serve our more than classic St. Martins Evening menu:
Hen broth with dumplings, meatballs, vegetables and parsley
Whole roasted Danish Country Goose stuffed with apples and prunes. Caramelized and boiled potatoes, pickled red cabbage, “Turntable Sauce” and homemade pickles
Old fashioned Danish apple cake with whipped cream and apple jelly
705 dkk

You can of course add cheese to the menu, should you feel a bit peckish . The cheese trolly wheels happily round the restaurant all evening!!
Lots of our guests have already reserved a table for this tradition rich evening, so make a reservation now, if you want to eat real Danish food.
We look forward to welcoming you
P.S. It´s Bo´s favourit dish

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