New Menu

When the capons from Pilegården arrives, then summer is upon us, full blast.

The finest birds of all and they are a part of our new menu.

From Tuseday 29/5 the menu is brand new and packed with all the wonderfulDanish produce that summer brings.
Asparagus, fjord shrimps, langoustine, turbot, plaice, summer venison, alle the fantastic vegetables and ofcourse heaps of strawberries.

In fact som mayn that all desserts on the new menu incorporate strawberries
In cakes, as ice cream, flamed, marinated and then in all the other ways of preparation

Come and eat modern Dansih summer food.

P.S. In winter the “Cookbook” containes many pages. You do voodo and magic to turn the produce into gastronomy. In the summer the “Cookbook” contains one page, that states: “Don´t mess up the vegetables” the End.

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