Our menu follows the Danish season very closely. This makes the food very different season by season

In the summer the food is light, with lots of tender new vegetables, asparagus, fjord shrimps, light meat dishes, berries and wild herbs.

In the winter we cook with lots of tuber vegetables, cabbages, mushrooms, game, pork, winter fishes, apples, pears and nuts.

In all of the 24 years we have been in operation, we have used herbs and mushrooms from forest and meadow and when possible, whole animals, so as not to waste anything. “Food-waste” have never existed at Restaurationen.

Our food bears the mark of 35 years of practical experience and are deeply rooted in the Danish tradition. We stand by our gastronomic heritage and constantly we strive to improve and develop our kitchen.

The inspiration for our menus is sourced from the rich and varied Danish kitchen, without blindness for the world around us. We put great weight on making a varied menu, with lots of fish (In Denmark it´s impossible to place yourself further away from the coast than 50 km. so naturally), vegetables and of course meat.

In Denmark you can find an enormous amount of indigenous produce and this is also a main inspiration and constant joy in our cooking.

This is our new menu. We and slimmed the menu a little, but we raise the quality level.
As always it the season, the local produce and craftsmanship that founds the agenda.
To us it´s the combination of our guests, the food, the wine, the service and the warmth of the restaurant that creates the perfect evening.
It is the wellbeing of the guests and the togetherness around the table that is most important.


Quenelle with oyster, spinach and tartelet with stewed asparagus

Capon from Pilegården:
Roast breast with spring vegetables and tarragon sauce
Leg in cream sauce with mushrooms
(We always have a fish alternative to the meat)

Strawberry Mazarin with orange syrup
Strawberries “Romanoff” with strawberry sherbet
Caramelized strawberries with vanilla ice parfait
675 dkk


When you feel like a little more

Danish lobster and potatoes with mayonnaise, tomato and basil
195 dkk

30 g. Rossini Black Label Caviar. Aged for 6 weeks and unpreserved
Served with the classic garnish
395 dkk

Pan sheared foie gras with roan berry jelly, salads and brioche
195 dkk

The cheese trolly
The cheeses are served with wheat buns, scones “Knækbrød” and bitter orange compote
125 dkk

Water ad libitum, still or sparkling
45 dkk

Concerning allergies, please talk to your waiter
When paying with a creditcard, the bill will be added the fee charged by the creditcard company

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R Winebar

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