It’spring (for real)

We have started the brand new spring menu and it´s brimming with the best from the Danish country side
I sync with our wiev on food, simplicity is in the drivers seat. Much more than three ingredients, destroys the balance of a dish.
Simplicity makes it so much easier to match a dish with wine….and that damn important.

Lots of vegetables, fish and meat
Fjord shrimps, weaver, turbot, squid, stock fish (which is all but forgotten), lamb cutlets, pork roast and all the beautiful things from the farms and woods

We´ve got rhubarb tarts and sherbet, milk chocolate cream puffs, walnut vacherin, vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce and a gorgeous chees dish:
Brillat Savarin with truffle, preserved apricots and grilled bread

You can´t help feeling happy
Come and eat modern Danish spring food. It is the best in the world

You can see the new menu here at the website


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