It isn´t long before Christmas hits us head on. Just five weeks.

This means that we start serving our Christmas menu from Tuesday 21/11 Not traditional Christmas food, but modern Dansih Christmas food rooted in the rich Danish tradition. Lots of wonderful Danish produce from the Danish winter. Green cabbage, endive, salsifies, apples, pears, preserved cherries, stock fish, lobster, smoked salmon, cod, oysters, pork shank, veal and everything else that is fresh and best right now

You can see the menu here on the web site and in the photo Karsten shows off the the fantastic Danish lobsters that goes into the dish “Lobster tart with mushrooms, green cabbage and pickled asparagus” It is “by golly” something like the finest lobsters we have ever seen.

We so look forward to serving modern Danish Christmas food for our guests

P.S. On the blackboard we will as tradition bids, write up Foie Gras Terrine and Caviar (….and we are stacked to the hilt with 1998 Quinta do Silval vintage port, because no Christmas without Port wine)

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