It is autumn and the produce changes with the speed of lightning

Thus our menu does as well
Game, pork, salmon, cod, lemon sole, monkfish and langoustine. All prepared with autumn vegetables, fruits and nuts.

We boil, braise and roast. Bake, steam and poach. All the classic preparation methods are in play and variation is the key. Just as the range of produce demands.

The pickled and preserved things are used also. Strawberry parfait “En Surprice”, roan berry jelly, pickled asparagus and capon ofals confit.

The chocolate is back in the desserts and so is coffee, hard nougat and the almonds

See our new menu via this link: Menu

P.S. The stocks are the DNA of a kitchen. They set the kitchen in its own class. At Restaurationen they are taken care of as if they were our children. Always made in house.

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