Happy New Year

We are back from the Christmas Holiday and ready with a whole new menu
Lots of modern Danish winter food, packed with taste and made from something else than the usual.

Beef cheeks, tongues, poussins, cod, turbot (…as Saltimbocca), hot potato salad, winter cabbage and salads, chicken liver on toast with button mushrooms (…. which are one of the best mushrooms ever), endive and brown turbot bouillon.

The desserts are in a class of their own and offers mocca cake, lemon Bavarian custard, preserved pears, apricot trifle and prune ice cream with Tosca cake.

Naturally we continue on the road we have been paving for more than 28 years:
Modern Danish food, local produce in season, no chemistry, no machines, no food waste, no time slots, correct working conditions for the employed according to all rules and regulations and a focus on the guest and the good evening

See the new menu here on the website

We look forward to seeing you all for another year of real food

P.S On the picture: Bo with a Poussin and yes, it is exactly for one person

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