It is still winter

It is still winter, although it feels more like autumn just continued from October last year

That doesn´t stop us from starting a whole new menu, with lots of modern Danish winter food. Spiked with a little bit of spring peculiarities, such as smoked lumpfish and roe-

As always it is modern Danish seasonal food, with focus on quality, craftmanship and taste.
We are ready with stuffed goose neck, small ducks for two guests, carved at your table. Pot au feu with monkfish, langoustine and lobster sausage. Cod roe, veal shank and lumpfish roe with sheep yoghurt and smoked lumpfish.

I the sweet kitchen there are still lots of apples and pears, both as salad, ice cream and tarts. The ice cream “en surprise” is back and it is baked in the own and not just flamed with a blowtorch. No short cuts at Restaurationen.

We look very much forward to serving all of our guests great Danish winter (autumn) food
See the menu here on the website

P.S. As the picture shows, Bo simply loves stuffed gooseneck

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