New Menu

When the capons from Pilegården arrives, then summer is upon us, full blast.

The finest birds of all and they are a part of our new menu.

From Tuseday 29/5 the menu is brand new and packed with all the wonderfulDanish produce that summer brings.
Asparagus, fjord shrimps, langoustine, turbot, plaice, summer venison, alle the fantastic vegetables and ofcourse heaps of strawberries.

In fact som mayn that all desserts on the new menu incorporate strawberries
In cakes, as ice cream, flamed, marinated and then in all the other ways of preparation

Come and eat modern Dansih summer food.

P.S. In winter the “Cookbook” containes many pages. You do voodo and magic to turn the produce into gastronomy. In the summer the “Cookbook” contains one page, that states: “Don´t mess up the vegetables” the End.

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Menu for June

Our menu for June

Monkfish marinated with lime, lettuce with cream dressing, asparagus and parsley

Asparagus soup with fjord shrimps, glace, crisp breadcrumb and dill

Plaice paupiette with fars and scallops, asparagus, sauce with anchovies and crisp bread

Bardet summer venison, sauce with sherry, green asparagus and summer truffle

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1 May it has been 40 years since Lisbeth & Bo started out in the business

This they want celebrate with lots of food wine and good spirt.
Thus only one menu with accompanied wines will be served on this evening

2006 Champagne, Magnum, Taittinger, France
Served with three kinds of appeteizers and homemade dried ham


Homemade smoked ham with summer truffles and Spanish chervil 1998 Riesling Kabinet Halbtrocken, Sommerhauser Reifenstein”, Schloss Sommerhausen, Frankonia, Germany

Pike perch quenelle with oysters, spinach and fumet with chives 2014 ”L’Extreme”, Les Clos Perdus, igp, Côtes Catalanes, Roussillon, France

Tartelet, white asparagus, fjord shrimps and dill 2012 Condrieu, “Verchery”, Clusel-Roche, Côtes-du-Rhône, France

Lobster hotdog with mushrooms, bisque, pickles and tarragon 2015 Savigny-Les-Baune, ”1. Cru, Les Vergelesses”, Dom. Dublère, Bourgundy, France

Pomelo sherbet with snaps

Whole roasted pork filét (Carved at your table), spring cabbage dolmer, peas Française, demi glace and crackling 2004 Ch. Cantenac Brown, 3. Cru, Margaux, Bordeaux, France

Three Danish cheeses with scones, ”knækbrød” and garnish
2004 Rosso del Gnemiz, Ronco del Gnemiz, Colli Orientale del Friuli, Italy
2007 Bianco, Ronc de Vico, Colli Orientale del Friuli, Italy

Three desserts:

Passion fruit parfait ”en surprise”
2012 Ch. Gravas, Sauternes, Bordeaux, France
Lemon Bavarian custard
2013 Scheurebe Beeren auslese, ”Sommerhauser Stackleberg”, Schloss Sommerhausen, Frankonia, Germany
White chocolate mousse rhubarb flambé (Prepared at your table) 10 års Ruby, Pineau des Charentes, Ch. Beaullon, Cognac, France

Coffee served with Lisbeth´s homemade petits fours, chocolates and bisquits Avec

3000 dkk

You can make your reservation through this link:

Bo 01

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Soon Easter is here and Restaurationen is closed all of the Easter Week

After Easter, Tuesday 3/4 we reopen with a whole new menu. As always it is a menu packed with modern Danish food, with focus on fish and vegetables, without forgetting the meat

Amongst other dishes Skate Terrine with mint and Pigeon with truffle stuffing. As you can see, Bo is very pleased with his fine pigeon breasts.
The skate “wings” are totally fresh and they need no help to set as a terrine, other than their own natural gelatin

You can see the whole menu here at the website

We wish all of our guests a happy Easter
Best Regards
Lisbeth & Bo Jacobsen

P.S. We thought to show a picture of an Easter Bunny. Just for a better “feel good” Easter sensation

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The winter is up and running full throttle and Restaurationen makes a whole new menu in pact with the season.

During all of the almost 27 years we have existed, the Danish season have set the agenda for our kitchen.
Local produce, craftsmanship and focus on taste and quality, have always been our guideposts.
Again we have composed a menu packed with modern Danish food. Both in the salty, as well as the sweet kitchen.
We try our best to vary the methods of preparation and stick to the natural kitchen, where hands and experience cook the food. Not machines. We waver unnecessary decoration and concentrate on the essence of gastronomy, that is preparing the produce correctly, taste and balancing our dishes: In short: Quality

The photos show a selection of dishes from the new menu, filled with lots of fish and greens, meat, winter fruits and everything else belonging to the winter:

  • Plaice in oyster marinade with buttermilk. Lumpfish roe and endive “Cole Slaw”
  • Langoustine baked in gratin with celeriac, green cabbage and lovage
  • Jerusalem artichoke cream soup with hen, scallops and Jerusalem artichokes glazed in apple cider with dill
  • Goose terrine with three kinds of pickles and roan berry jelly
  • Pan sheared foie gras with brioche and pumpkin chutney
  • Breaded fried veal shank, sweet bread, button mushrooms and almonds in velouté with sultanas in vinegar and chervil
  • Fried halibut, fake sauerkraut, Burgundy snails, deep fried mild garlic and parsley sauce
  • Nut cake, Cognac butter custard, caramelized walnuts and elderberries

Come and eat the all wonderful winter food that the Danish kitchen offers.
You can see the whole menu here at the website

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Happy New Year to all of our guests

2018 is here and we are up and running at full speed again
This year´s first menu is in place and we have filled it with modern Danish food: Both in the salty and sweet kitchen:
Lots of seasonal produce prepared with craftsmanship at the forefront, without machines and chemistry. Through all of our 26 years at Restaurationen, the ideas of sustainability and the Danish season have been our focus points. For us this isn´t something new, but the guidelines we have lived by in all of our 40 years in the trade.

The new menu is full of fish, crustaceans, oysters, greens, meat, fruit and pastries. As always in the winter season, there are lots of pickles, preserves, confitated meat and perfumes oils.

You can see the new menu here on the website

Lisbeth & Bo Jacobsen

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The pictures show:
Marine gastropods, cod roe (Both fresh and smoked), pork shoulder and the sausages made from it, , bread with potatoes for the Pike Perch, green cabbage and Belle de Boscop apples that we use for the most wonderful compote. Oh yes and Lisbeth going all in with the desserts.

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It isn´t long before Christmas hits us head on. Just five weeks.

This means that we start serving our Christmas menu from Tuesday 21/11 Not traditional Christmas food, but modern Dansih Christmas food rooted in the rich Danish tradition. Lots of wonderful Danish produce from the Danish winter. Green cabbage, endive, salsifies, apples, pears, preserved cherries, stock fish, lobster, smoked salmon, cod, oysters, pork shank, veal and everything else that is fresh and best right now

You can see the menu here on the web site and in the photo Karsten shows off the the fantastic Danish lobsters that goes into the dish “Lobster tart with mushrooms, green cabbage and pickled asparagus” It is “by golly” something like the finest lobsters we have ever seen.

We so look forward to serving modern Danish Christmas food for our guests

P.S. On the blackboard we will as tradition bids, write up Foie Gras Terrine and Caviar (….and we are stacked to the hilt with 1998 Quinta do Silval vintage port, because no Christmas without Port wine)

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Now it is time for a real autumn menu

We roast and braise to cook up everything good from the Danish autumn!

Lots of fish, shellfish and vegetables. Beef, game and desserts with apples, pears, custards and ice creams. As always we use the classical craftsmanship to bring the Danish kitchen into the present. Always with a focus on quality, season and good taste. Here it´s never about complicating the dishes, only about making the produce as tastefull as possible, without loosing the originality of the raw material.

Come and taste the modern Danish kitchen in its best possible autumn attire.

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The new menu is ready Tuesday 26/9

A menu filled with modern Danish autumn food. Mutton, ducks, apples,
mackerel, lemon sole, sweet breads and absolutely everything when it comes
to seasonal greens. Swiss chard, radishes, beets, wild mushrooms, roots and
all the other good stuff.

As the food is made with our hands, without chemistry, machines allsorts
and other technical appliances. In short: Craftmanship and when it comes
to Lisbeth & Bo, 40 years of experience

You can see the menu here on this website

We very much look forward to seeing all of our guests at the table with
Danish seasonal food

P.S. The pictures show a mutton before and after it being parted and
Lisbeth baking tartelets

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You just can´t believe it, but in 3 month time, it´s Christmas

There for, as tradition bids, we are ready with our Christmas Menu. We start on Tuesday 21/11 and continue until and including Thursday 21/12.

Already a lot of guesta want to have their Christmas dinner at Restaurationen or in our “Private Dining Room” R selskaber. So you need to make your reservation as early as possible, if you want to be sure to get a table

You can see the menu here: Christmas Menu 2017

We do so look forward to serving all of our guests modern Danish Christmas food

Lisbeth & Bo Jacobsen

P.S. Completely in sync with todays trends, the picture shows Lisbeth & Bo in “Fake” Santa hats

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