Sunday 10/11 is Saint Martins Evening

At Restaurationen it´s an evening where we as tradition bids at Restaurationen serve our very classic Saint Martins Evening menu.
We have many guests that come back year after year and we look forward to a cozy evening with goose, which is the greatest of all domestic birds.

If you haven´t has goose before, now is your chance

The menu is this:

  • Chicken broth with two kinds of dumplings, vegetables and parsley
  • Goose roast with the whole schabam: Pickled red cabbage, white and caramelized potatoes, turntable sauce and home made pickles
  • Old fashioned apple cake with whipped cream and jelly

735 DKK

(Of course you can have a ride on the cheese trolley before dessert)
You can make a reservation via this link:

We very much look forward to Saintr Martins Evening, which this year also is a Sunday Dinner

Best Regrads
Lisbeth & Bo Jacobsen

Gås 3
Gås 2
Gås 1

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The holiday is over

Dear Everybody

The holiday is over and we are open again

We are rejuvenated and filled with new ideas, Late summer produce are fantastic and we have toiled for days, to present the very best in Modern Danish food
We are walloping in lobsters, crabs, herbs and everything that needs to be pickled/preserved, so we don´t forget summer in the dark winter.
We make salty “Berliner Pfannkuchen” with lobster, capon from Pilegården (Which are so fantastic), Crab compote with brioche, tomato soup with home made fresh cheese, á la minute baked apple tart, raspberry vacherin and much, much more.
Come and join us for modern Danish late summer food

See the new menu via this link:

The pictures show:
Crab, lobster, giant cucumber, dill, black berries, summer apples, capons, Karsten prepping celeriac and last but not least: “The Berry Pusher”


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We are proud as can be here at Restaurationen

This Saturday Lisbeth received the price of honor as “Chef of Chefs”

The Foundation to promote Danish gastronomy” yearly awards a chef, who through many years in the business, have excelled in both craftsmanship, persistence and never ending search for perfection.

In the 17 years the price have been awarded, Lisbeth is the first woman to have been nominated and receiving the price
She have been active in the kitchen for more than 40 years and deserves the price so much. 40 years on her feet every day from morning to late night. This have given her a measure of experience and knowledge you can only achieve by “Working your ass off” year after year

We congratulate Lisbeth 10.000 fold over.

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It is summer and the vegetables are abundant

This means that we change the whole menu at Restaurationen again. Everything

The asparagus are still here, but the spring onions are here as well as the carrots, fava beans, peas, herbs from the forests and coasts, brill, oysters, smoked fresh cheese and most importantly: The strawberries

In the winter time the cookbook is big and fat. There are a thousand things to do, beforethe few and coarse types of produce turns in to good food. Here in the summertime the cookbook is one page and it says:

Don´t destroy the vegetables. The End

Come and eat modern Danish summer food at Resraurationen, where you can actually sit outside and dine. We have 4 tables for 2 guests. Book “On the Pavemnet” and you can enjoy your food “Al frasco”

See the menu hare at the website

Vilde Krydderurter

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The Danish asparagus are all over us in abundance and that means Asparagus Festival form Tuesday 14/5

4 course menu with asparagus in every dish, at 795 dkk
It will of course change with the season and first edition looks like this:

Pickled salmon and asparagus with salads, mild chili and breadcrumb
White asparagus, fjord shrimps, Hollandaise, glace and dill
Fricassé of turbot, green and white asparagus
Roasted pork roast, breaded shank, crackling, asparagus and mild garlic sauce

Of course we also put together a winemenu to accompany the food and it looks like this:

2017 Lou Payral, Isabelle & Thierry Daulhiac, Saussignac, France
2015 Muscat, Jean-Louis Mann, Alsace, France
2014 Chablis, “1 cru, Montée de Tournerre”, BIllaud-Simon, Bourgundy, France
2016 Auxey-Duresses, Dom. Lafauge, Bourgundy, France


We very much look forward to serving you the best Danish asparagus

On the pictures: Green asparagus, white asparagus and Søren Wiuff (Mr. Asparagus)

Bo 01

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It’spring (for real)

We have started the brand new spring menu and it´s brimming with the best from the Danish country side
I sync with our wiev on food, simplicity is in the drivers seat. Much more than three ingredients, destroys the balance of a dish.
Simplicity makes it so much easier to match a dish with wine….and that damn important.

Lots of vegetables, fish and meat
Fjord shrimps, weaver, turbot, squid, stock fish (which is all but forgotten), lamb cutlets, pork roast and all the beautiful things from the farms and woods

We´ve got rhubarb tarts and sherbet, milk chocolate cream puffs, walnut vacherin, vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce and a gorgeous chees dish:
Brillat Savarin with truffle, preserved apricots and grilled bread

You can´t help feeling happy
Come and eat modern Danish spring food. It is the best in the world

You can see the new menu here at the website


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Sometimes there is just too much quasi intellectual wine talk

Then it helps to invite people to the wine cellar and turn on the party lights.
Usually that brings everything back to normal

Otherwise we have fixed the wine list from A to Z

You can see the new wine list here on the website

Downloadthe wine menu here

For us wine is all about the quality in the glass. Not dogmas, wine-scientology or fashion whims.
Just the genuine, pure, unspoiled quality in the glass
(…and then they can label it in any which way they want)

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Spring time is upon us, even though it can be a little hard to see it, between rain and storms

At Restaurationen the menu is all new and we try to reflect the spring in the menu, in spite the fact that the soils are barren and empty. To put it short, this is the season where a big potato is trying to imitate spring

This a side the menu is packed with modern Danish spring food. Food with an emphasis on fish, shellfish, vegetables and of course some meat too.

Open air grown salads and cabbages from Lammefjorden, smoked lumpfish and roe, langoustine and halibut, mussels and split peas and the best from the Danish countryside galore.
In the sweet kitchen we make closed custard pie, lemon Bavarian custard, white chocolate/coffee fragelité, cocoa sorbet, and apricot sherbet. All healthy and wholesome food.

We look very much foreward to having our guests eat modern Danish seasonal food

The pictures show: Turbot (Raw), cabbages, potato pave, Anne makes poached egg, Guinea fowl, turbot, custard tart, lemon Bavarian custard, mocha fragelité


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It´s time for the second winter menu of 2019

The season changes rapidly, so the whole of the menu is new. Absolutely everything is changed.

We serve lumpfish roe, plaice paupiette with scallops, potato soup with monkfish and truffle, dansih squid, “Pot au Feu” with sea devil and mussels and everything else fantastic the sea has to offer in the winter.

We serve squab and lightly salted lamb (…a completely forgotten Danish specialty), chocolate, strawberry and vanilla ice cream (…of course served with waffles with Cognac butter custard), apples with preserved fresh apricots from last summer and caramelized puff pastry with caramel custard.

We use and renew the rich Danish gastronomic heritage. Without chemistry, machines and unnecessary decorations, which does nothing for the quality of the craftsmanship.
By stubbornly holding on to our own style, craftsmanship and quality as our focus point in the kitchen, we have become those that don´t cook the same as everybody else.

We look forward to seeing you at Restaurationen, for some modern Danish winter food

See the menu here on our website

The pictures show: Lumpfish roe, turbot finns, Danish squid, pike perch, lightly salted lamb, strawberry-chocolate-vanilla ice cream, nougat custard and caramelized puff pastry


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It´s time for a new year, filled with new energy and lots of ideas

The new menu reflects the season and is filled the best from the Danish country side.
At Restaurationen it´s as always about food made from local produce. With the rucksack stuffed with the Danish tradition and craftsmanship as the solid ground, we renew the Danish kitchen. Bringing the traditional kitchen into the present, without watering it down or succumbing to short lived trends and fashion whims.

For us the kitchen is all about no food waste, local produce, sustainability and a stark focus on quality. Things that aren´t new to, but have been a natural part of our now more than 40 years in the kitchen. At Restaurationen more than 27 years.

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