The blackboard

We use the blackboard to present the what nature brings in amounts, maybe not enough to last a whole months menu.
We assemble the dishes in a fixed menu, where you sample what nature offers right now
The menu is only served for everybody at the table
Of course the dishes can be enjoyed sepaartely, if you aren´t in the mood for a menu.

If you fel like sampeling wines by the glass with the dishes, we compose a wine menu, that will take you on a little trip through the wine world
We can also compose a deluxe wine menu

The Blackboard Menu

Marinated mussels on mussel-fennel pure with fennel salad

Deep fried tirbot finns and wild mushrooms with majoram

Lamb form Pilegården:
Roast lamb with demi glace and potato/spinach galette
Braised lamb with glazed red onions, lentels and fresh laurel leaves

Red fruit compote with frosted almonds, heavy cream and sugar
795 dkk

Wine menu 500 dkk
Deluxe wine menu 700.-

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The Blackboard

The Blackboard

Restaurationen’s daily dishes made from produce

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R Winebar

R Winebar

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