Restaurationen and Solo Nebbiolo wineimport, have joined forces

Restaurationen and Solo Nebbiolo wineimport, have joined forces to present three young wine producers from Piemonte.
Az. Agr. Valfaccenda, Az. Agr. Segni di Lagna og Az. Agr. Olek Bondonio

Three young winemakers that produce wine at absolute top level and all three will participate in the dinner. They will comment on the wines served during the dinner and in all possible ways answer questions.
As the three are friends and know each other´s wines, we will be teasing them a bit, by letting their wines “battle” for the favor of the dishes.
The diner takes plaice Friday 29/4 at 19:00
We offer aperitif with apeteizers, four courses menu, coffee with sweets and will be serving 8 different wines.

2014 Roero Arneis, Az. Agr. Valfaccenda
Served with three kinds of appeteizers

2013 Arzigh, Az. Agr. Valfaccenda
Lobster, wild herbs and spring mushrooms in demi glace

2014 Grignolino, Az- Agr Olek Bondonio/2014 Pinot Nero, AZ. Agr. Segni di Langa
Fried pike perch with red wine sauce, spinace and vegetables

2014 Barbera, Az- Agr Olek Bondonio/2014 Barbera, AZ. Agr. Segni di Langa
Capon and potatoes in cream sauce with bacon, new onions and fried bread

2012 Barbaresco, Az- Agr Olek Bondonio/2012 Roero, Az. Agr. Valfaccenda
Oxtail, spring cabbage glazed with hollandaise, demi galce and truffle
Coffee with Lisbeth Jacobsen´s homemade petits fours, chocolates and bisquits

995 dkk

We very much look forward to presenting these young producers and to show that modern Italian wines match modern Danish food
Make a reservation immediately, as we only have 50 seats for this unique dinner

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Wine dinner of the year

It is time for the wine dinner of the year

Again this year D.W.C. v/ Finn Klysner and Restaurationen are arranging the wine dinner of the year with wines from Az,., Agr. Miani in Friuli, Italy.
Enzo Pontoni, who owns and is the winemaker at Az. Agr. Miani is indisputably on of the greatest personalities in the Italian wine world. The unusually thorough work in the vineyards, combined with super precise work in the cellar, results in the best wines Italy can offer.
Enzo Pontoni works without chemicals and produces yields so low, that the production is very small and therefor it is almost impossible to find his wines.

Through a long personal relationship, D.W.C. have succeeded in obtaining a yearly allocation of the Miani wines. This benefits luckily Restaurationen, that yearly arranges this dinner, presenting the latest wines from Miani.

This year we have the possibility to present even more wines the previously.

The dinner is Friday 15/4 at 19:00, with the following menu and wines

  • 2014 Bianco
    Served with three kind of appeteizers
  • 2014 Chardonnay
    Raw marineted plaice with lemon, butter milk and wild herbs
  • 2014 Ribolla Gialla
    Baked monkfish with three kinds of stewed mussels, spring garlic and cabbage
  • 2014 Friulano ”Biuri”
    Langoustine and mushrooms in bisque with butter and crisp bread
  • 2012 Rosso
    Glazed pork belly with crackling, rhubarb, anis, jus and olive oil
  • 2012 Merlot ”Filipi”
    Ragout of veal, sweetbread, liver glazed new onions and thyme
  • 2012 Merlot ”Buri”
    Breaded oxtail, roast vegetables and sauce with Merlot
  • Coffee served with Lisbeth Jacobsen´s homemade petits fours, chocolates and bisquits
    2450 dkk

We very much look forward to this unique dinner, where for once, there really are cult wines on the table. World class wines that everybody talks about, but virtually no one have tasted.
We recommend making a reservation as soon as possible, as we can only house 50 guests this evening.

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Our 25 jubilee Year Have Begun

We start with our annual New Year dance feast Friday 29/1

1  2

Dinner , wine and live music. Lars Larry Danielsson is putting together a world class soul band to get the dancefloor going after dinner. This time with these mussicians: Vocal and guitar: Vicky Singh. Who have played with Outlandish, Barbara Moleko, Morten Harket. Drums: Jesper Lind, Who have palaed with Kira Skov, Tim Christensen m fl Keyboards: Jonas Berg, Who have played with Erann DD, Swan Lee og mange andre Bass: Lars ”Himself”. Who have played with everything worth playing with in the world.

19:00 4 course dinner with aperitif and coffee with homemade petits fours. Wine you but as you please After dinner (Aprox 22:00) live music and dancing until 24:00 The price is 800 dkk

Book a table immediately, as this evening sells out very fast

With the Very Best New Year Greetings

Lisbeth & Bo Jacobsen, Andreas Rank

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Restaurationen is closed for Christmas holiday

2015 went with lots of work and we have had a great year, having the best time with our guests, cooking great food, serving up stellar wines and creating good atmosphere

We look forward to welcoming our guests in the new year, which is our 25 anniversary year. We will celebrate with a string of events through out the whole year. Here on our website we will shortly post a jubilee event calendar, so that you know when to book a table

The January menu is ready and can be viewed here on the website

We wish all of our guests a merry Christmas and a happy New Year

Lisbeth & Bo Jacobsen, Andreas Rank

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White Guide Nordic 2016


Onec in a while you are allowed to brag and we do so now be posting the text about Restaurationen in the new 2016 edition og White Guide Nordic

The Picture is to show that the description of our kitchen is acatly the way we Cook (and that Whole slow roasted pork shanks are served rigth now  at Restaurationen. We carve them table side with a fork and a spoon)

Opinions, craftsmanship, humour and love of honest food have always guided this resilient restaurant run by married couple Bo and Lisbeth Jacobsen. That was true back when you could pick large set menus with the finest European bottles from their wine cellar, and now, when the prices have been lowered to match a bistro level. The wines are still European, featuring lots of tempting Burgundy and lively Italian options, but the ironed table cloths have been discarded and the aim has been turned towards the classic Danish kitchen in a genuine interpretation with a strong personal touch. Bo Jacobsen makes his own air-dried ham. In an exemplary rebellion against mass industry, he has shown that you can produce quality ham in Denmark if you choose your meat with care and spend the time this kind of project requires. If you are in luck, the starters on the menu will include the ultimate take on a Danish tartlet. Crisp as a croustade, correctly crafted from puff pastry rolled out into a picture-perfect thin shell, which crunches and tastes so good that you appreciate this dish’s popularity. The filling consists of whole pickled button mushrooms, roasted langoustine and thickened lobster bisque; listen carefully and you might hear the angels sing. The following dish exemplifies the food at Bo and Lisbeth’s place, food that does exactly what it says on the label. If the menu says salmon and cucumber, well, then the plate contains the finest smoked salmon and cucumber that actually tastes of cucumber. Richness and freshness unite in happy harmony while salt matches the light bitterness. Old virtues are not forgotten but elevated to a new level they richly deserve. Carrots are turned and served with whole shallots as a sweet and sharp garnish for ossobuco with bone marrow on the side. Restaurationen sticks to its principles and there is no pandering to modern trends or fashion. Take sugar, a much-derided ingredient in these health-focused times: Puddings don’t really work without it, and while Bo is the man behind the meats and stocks, Lisbeth is the woman behind some of the most exciting desserts in town. Here you will find pastries, apple compote, chocolate, cream and fruit to cater for any sweet tooth. These desserts are not to be missed, and neither is the classic cheese trolley. There is a simple way of explaining the high level of cooking at Restaurationen: Only use the finest ingredients and cook with noble and exacting chef’s skills. Every. Single. Time.


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St. Martins evening


Martin didn´t want to be Bishop. So he hid from the citizens of Tours, in a goose pen. The geese made a lot of noise. Martin was found and made Bishop. There for we remember the wonderful “Catholic” geese by eating them. A good Christian custom.

At Restaurationen the tradition is to celebrate St. Martins Evening with a classic menu


Hen broth with dumplings and vegetables

Goose roast stuffed with apples and prunes, red cabbage, boiled and caramelized potatoes and “Turntable Sauce”

Old fashioned Danish apple cake with whipped cream and apple jelly


You choose your wines as you please and you can of course expand the menu with cheese before dessert

Book a table right away, as the evening usually sells out quickly

www.restaurationen or 0045 33149495

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