Now it is time for a real autumn menu

We roast and braise to cook up everything good from the Danish autumn!

Lots of fish, shellfish and vegetables. Beef, game and desserts with apples, pears, custards and ice creams. As always we use the classical craftsmanship to bring the Danish kitchen into the present. Always with a focus on quality, season and good taste. Here it´s never about complicating the dishes, only about making the produce as tastefull as possible, without loosing the originality of the raw material.

Come and taste the modern Danish kitchen in its best possible autumn attire.

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The new menu is ready Tuesday 26/9

A menu filled with modern Danish autumn food. Mutton, ducks, apples,
mackerel, lemon sole, sweet breads and absolutely everything when it comes
to seasonal greens. Swiss chard, radishes, beets, wild mushrooms, roots and
all the other good stuff.

As the food is made with our hands, without chemistry, machines allsorts
and other technical appliances. In short: Craftmanship and when it comes
to Lisbeth & Bo, 40 years of experience

You can see the menu here on this website

We very much look forward to seeing all of our guests at the table with
Danish seasonal food

P.S. The pictures show a mutton before and after it being parted and
Lisbeth baking tartelets

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You just can´t believe it, but in 3 month time, it´s Christmas

There for, as tradition bids, we are ready with our Christmas Menu. We start on Tuesday 21/11 and continue until and including Thursday 21/12.

Already a lot of guesta want to have their Christmas dinner at Restaurationen or in our “Private Dining Room” R selskaber. So you need to make your reservation as early as possible, if you want to be sure to get a table

You can see the menu here: Christmas Menu 2017

We do so look forward to serving all of our guests modern Danish Christmas food

Lisbeth & Bo Jacobsen

P.S. Completely in sync with todays trends, the picture shows Lisbeth & Bo in “Fake” Santa hats

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We pamper our guests in the Autumn Holiday

The Autumn Holiday (17/10 – 21/10)is in the middle of the unpredictable autumn. Exactly where you really need a bit of pampering. So just like last year, we have chosen to pamper our guests with a special Autumn Holiday event, where you can enjoy a five course menu for a cozy price.

The price for the menu is 250 dkk


Haddock tartar with celeriac pure, chips, celery, apricots, caper berries
and parsley

Salmon, roe, spinach, langoustine-mushroom etuvée and dill

Fresh goat cheese crème, tomato compote and basil oil

Limousine veal from Pilegården
Braised leg, croquette, potato flan with walnuts and “Vesterhavs” cheese, sauce with homemade mustard

Lavender ice cream with apples in moscovado sugar and crisp wafer
Apple custard with cardamom, apples in apple syrup
Baked apple cake with whipped cream

You make your at our home page

You CAN´T make reservations over the phone or by mail

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We are back after the summer holiday

We are full of ideas and ready for cooking modern Danish autumn food for our guests.

We´ve got lots of Dungenes crab, sole and other goodies from the sea. Free range capon from Pilegården and veal for the char coal grill. Tomatoes, new Danish corn, wild mushrooms, herbs and salads from the countryside and lots of berries. In total everything that characterizes the good Danish food of this season. You can see the new menu here on our homepage.

The pictures show Crab cake with crab compote, fresh corn and oregano. Mousse of smoked herring with egg salad, pickled radishes and rye bread. Filet of sole fried with bread and herbs served on two kinds of beans with cardamom and lemon. Raspberry sherbet with vanilla custard, macaroons, meringue, coulis and mint. Mazarin cake with white chocolate ganache and lots of berries.

We so look forward to cooking for you!!!

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It has become a tradition

It has become a tradition that Lisbeth & Bo opens their home and invites you to dine with them at the end of August.
It is a full throttle dining experience, with lots of food and wine and an unique opportunity to meet wonderful people you had no idea were your best friends. Each of the evenings there are only 10 guests around the dining table.

This year there are three days to choose from:
Thursday 27&8, Friday 25/8 and Saturday 26/8

Dinner starts at 19:00 and all three days this menu and these wines will be served (All the wines are magnum bottles)
2000 Champagne Brut Millèsime, Henriot, France
Served with three kinds of appeteizers

Mousse of smoked herring, egg salad, pickled radishes, rye bread and chives
1996 Riesling Spätlese, “Brauenberger Juffer Sonnenuhr, Versteigerung”, Fritz Haag, Mosel, Germany

Sole filet fried with bread and herbs, white and green beans, sauce with cardamom and lemon
2012 Savennières, “Clos de la Coulée de Sarrant”, Niclos Joly, Loire, France

Crab cake and compote with corn cream sauce and oregano
2014 Puligny Montrachet, “1er Cru, Les Folatières”, Ch. De Puligny Montrachet, Burgundy, France

Helstegt poularde fra Pilegården med trøffelsauce, skovsvampe og perleløg
2011 Volnay, “1er Cru, Les Mitans”, Dom. De Montille, Burgundy, France

Brie baked in puff pastry with mustard. Salads
2007 Ch. Palmer, 3 Cru, Margaux, Bordeaux, France

Raspberries, sherbet, coulis, blonde macaroons, meringue and vanilla custard
Mazarin cake, white chocolate ganache and lots of berries
Milk chocolate mousse
2002 Ch. Suduiraut, 1. Grand Cru Classé, Sauternes, Bordeaux, France

Coffee and Lisbeths homemade petits fours, chocolates and bisquits
Avec selection

…and it would be very strange if someone didn´t want a G.T. or maybe a cold Pilsner
Bo will see to the accompanying music. In rising volume and from jazz over soul to funk and back…. And Bo is a vinyl kind of guy.
The whole thing is 3.500 dkk pr. Guest and you make your reservation at
Remember to make the reservation at “Hjemme hos Lisbeth & Bo”

We very much look forward to opening our home to new friends
Lisbeth & Bo


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June menu


It really is summer and the summer produce just rolls in from everywhere.
Fava beans and capons are just some of them and as Lisbeth clearly shows in the picture, they simply are the best there is.
The fava beans are cleaned completely, because are the finest and most elegant vegetable the season offers.
When it comes to the desserts, it´s all about the Danish strawberries and as tradition bids, we flame the table side and serve them in an orange/Cognac syrup with ice cold vanilla ice cream. A sure summer hit.

See the whole new menu on this website:

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May menu


Again it´s time for a new menu and for the Danish asparagus, that this year are very late, because of the cold spring weather.

The new menu is packed to the hilt with asparagus, cause that´s what you eat from ow until Midsummers Night. We use them in all kinds of dishes and prepare them in all sorts of different ways.

Also we make an exception from the rules and serve a fixed 4 course asparagus menu at 740 dkk. We simply have to, cause you can´t get enough asparagus in the short season the have.

See the new menu here:

And here is the asparagus menu:

White asparagus, fjord shrimps, Hollandaise and glace

Asparagus soup with green and white asparagus, summer truffle and chervil

Garfish, ragout of green asparagus and artichokes, deep fried ramson andNoilly Prat sauce

Lightly salted poached duck, horseradish cream sauce, green and white asparagus and pea sprouts

740 dkk

Further more tomorrow is ”The Great Pray Day” which means we are closed for a small “Great Pray Day” holiday, from Friday to Monday, both days included.

If in Denmark, don´t forget to eat hot “Hveder” with a thick layer of butter, tonight. It´s a fantastic piece of bread and eating them this evening is one of the few unique bread traditions we still maintain in Denmark.

Have a wonderful “Great Pray Day” holiday

P.S. As the picture shows, Lisbeth loves asparagus

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New menu at Restaurationen

Spring is here for real!

This doesn´t mean that we are rolling in asparagus, spring cabbage and the likes. Not at all. All of this are still weeks away. So wait till they are. From Denmark and of course and grown in open air. Nothing else is all right.

On the other and herbs and some greens are starting to arrive from the woods and the fields.

Gout weed, ramson, winter cress, coriander, and other goodies:
All that which in olden days was called: “7 kinds of greens at Easter”

What one ran to pick in the woods because your hair and teeth where dropping out because of scurvy, after a long winter.

We are so glad happy when the “Greens at Easter” arrives, then the winter really is over.

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New menu

The seasons change with the speed as lightning. Greens from the woods and the fields are coming in and the fishes available aren´t the same as they were 14 days ago.

That’s why we again change the menu at Restaurationen.

Beef, pork, weaver, free range salads and lots of other goodies.

We are ready from 21/3!

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