Spring time is upon us, even though it can be a little hard to see it, between rain and storms

At Restaurationen the menu is all new and we try to reflect the spring in the menu, in spite the fact that the soils are barren and empty. To put it short, this is the season where a big potato is trying to imitate spring

This a side the menu is packed with modern Danish spring food. Food with an emphasis on fish, shellfish, vegetables and of course some meat too.

Open air grown salads and cabbages from Lammefjorden, smoked lumpfish and roe, langoustine and halibut, mussels and split peas and the best from the Danish countryside galore.
In the sweet kitchen we make closed custard pie, lemon Bavarian custard, white chocolate/coffee fragelité, cocoa sorbet, and apricot sherbet. All healthy and wholesome food.

We look very much foreward to having our guests eat modern Danish seasonal food

The pictures show: Turbot (Raw), cabbages, potato pave, Anne makes poached egg, Guinea fowl, turbot, custard tart, lemon Bavarian custard, mocha fragelité


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It´s time for the second winter menu of 2019

The season changes rapidly, so the whole of the menu is new. Absolutely everything is changed.

We serve lumpfish roe, plaice paupiette with scallops, potato soup with monkfish and truffle, dansih squid, “Pot au Feu” with sea devil and mussels and everything else fantastic the sea has to offer in the winter.

We serve squab and lightly salted lamb (…a completely forgotten Danish specialty), chocolate, strawberry and vanilla ice cream (…of course served with waffles with Cognac butter custard), apples with preserved fresh apricots from last summer and caramelized puff pastry with caramel custard.

We use and renew the rich Danish gastronomic heritage. Without chemistry, machines and unnecessary decorations, which does nothing for the quality of the craftsmanship.
By stubbornly holding on to our own style, craftsmanship and quality as our focus point in the kitchen, we have become those that don´t cook the same as everybody else.

We look forward to seeing you at Restaurationen, for some modern Danish winter food

See the menu here on our website

The pictures show: Lumpfish roe, turbot finns, Danish squid, pike perch, lightly salted lamb, strawberry-chocolate-vanilla ice cream, nougat custard and caramelized puff pastry


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It´s time for a new year, filled with new energy and lots of ideas

The new menu reflects the season and is filled the best from the Danish country side.
At Restaurationen it´s as always about food made from local produce. With the rucksack stuffed with the Danish tradition and craftsmanship as the solid ground, we renew the Danish kitchen. Bringing the traditional kitchen into the present, without watering it down or succumbing to short lived trends and fashion whims.

For us the kitchen is all about no food waste, local produce, sustainability and a stark focus on quality. Things that aren´t new to, but have been a natural part of our now more than 40 years in the kitchen. At Restaurationen more than 27 years.

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The New Years Speech

Everybody gives one. The Queen, the Prime minister, Kirsten Birgit Schiøtz Kretz Hørsholm (..not that you would know who she is) and many more.
The time must have come for Restaurationen to give theirs. A specially now, where cooks seem to know everything about everything and have become opinion leaders (Sigh!!!)

Here at Restaurationen wish all of our guests a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year
Remember that 95% of the things you worry about never happens and there are every reason to eradicate the last 5% with food, wine, service, calm, contemplation and a memorable evening at Restaurationen

So here goes with our first New Years Speech

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Again the wine list at Restaurationen is completely revised

We might be more than partial to “Old School” craftsmanship in the kitchen, but that doesn´t prevent us from being at the forefront of gastronomy and certainly not from being in the first row, when it comes to wine

Amongst the new wine om the wine list are:

  • 2013 Treixatura Bajovelo, Quinta da Muradella, Monterrei, Galicia, Spain – Wine made with “Flor” as in Sherry. Extremely fresh, tight and elegant Vin lavet med flor, som I sherry. Ekstremt frisk, tæt og elegant
  • 2000 Sherry, Palo Cortado “Macharnudo Alto” Single Cask, Valdespino, Spain – So compact and at the same time so compactly fruity, you can´t believe it
  • 2016 Meursault, “1. Cru Perrieres”, Dom. Heitz-Lochardet, Burgundy, France – One of the new stars in Burgundy, making structured and fresh wine with great complexity
  • 1980 “Grande Escolha”, Côtto, Douro, Portugal …and it´s always fun with a mature wine from on of the most underrated and interesting wine countries in Europe

See the full vine cart here


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Christmas is upon us and of course this means that Restaurationen is serving up its Christmas menu from Tuesday 20/11.

As tradition bids, the Christmas menu is packed with an abundance of seasonal produce, prepared in sync with our time. We carry history in our back pocket, but cook food in the present.
Lots of taste and plenty of different tecniques

We are practically swimming in pheasants, pork shanks, stockfish, smoked salmon, mushrooms, cabbage, Jerusalem artichokes. Salsifies, honey cake, rice desserts, preserved cherries and all of the rest of the good stuff the season offers

On the blackboard you will find both caviar and foie gras terrine.
That´s that in it´s place.

This year the white truffles are back, so for a mere 150 dkk, you can have the shaved over your food.

It does add a little something to your fx. the pork shank. Come and eat modern Danish Christmas food. It doesn´t come any better than this!!!

P.S. In the pictures white truffles and Anna with newly prepared pheasants, which she obviously like a lot (…and so does Mia and Marisa in the background)

Bo 01

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Gastronomy and World Class Music

It is with great pride that Restaurationen og Lisbeth & Bo Jacobsen, again this year, can invite our guests to dinnerr and concert with Geors “Jojje” Wadinius

Thursday 22/11 you can enjoy a wonderful autumn menu and then be part of a very intimate concert with Georg “Jojje” Wadenius. He is without a doubt one of this worlds greatest guitarists. Not only does he have a lifelong brilliant solo career, he has also played with the greatest, amongst these:

Roberta Flack, Peabo Bryson, Luther Vandross, Aretha Franklin, Dionne Warwick, Diana Ross, Michael Franks, Donald Fagen, Dr. John, Steely Dan, Kent George Benson og Jan Eggum.

The evening will play out as follows:

  • Champagne and appeteizers
  • 3 course menu

    Fried langoustine, white beans and vegetables, thyme and celery oil
    Roast mallard, braised leg, endive, salsifies, bacon and pepper cream sauce
    Chocolate covered almond cake with vanilla ice cream and baked pineapple
    (Wines you choose as you please)

  • Coffee and homemade petits fours, chocolates and bisquits
  • Ticket for the concert

All included
895 DKK

Around 21:30 the concert will begin

We vey much look forward to a great evening with gastronomy and world class music
Book for this evening via this link: https://book.dinnerbooking.com/dk/en-US/book/index/98/2

Bo 01
Bo Og Lisbeth Event
The pictures shows: Georg “Jojje” Wadenius, Lisbeth & Bo Jacobsen, Wadenius with his Cleo band

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Now it´s only a short time before St. Martins Evening

As tradition bids, we serve our more than classic St. Martins Evening menu:
Hen broth with dumplings, meatballs, vegetables and parsley
Whole roasted Danish Country Goose stuffed with apples and prunes. Caramelized and boiled potatoes, pickled red cabbage, “Turntable Sauce” and homemade pickles
Old fashioned Danish apple cake with whipped cream and apple jelly
705 dkk

You can of course add cheese to the menu, should you feel a bit peckish . The cheese trolly wheels happily round the restaurant all evening!!
Lots of our guests have already reserved a table for this tradition rich evening, so make a reservation now, if you want to eat real Danish food.
We look forward to welcoming you
P.S. It´s Bo´s favourit dish

Gaas 01
Gaas 02
Gaas 03

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It´s time for the first autumn menu of the season

Som altid her vi slidt i det for at finde de bedste råvarer fra de bedste producenter:
Limousine kalv fra Pilegården. Ænder fra Ellemosegård. Grøntsager og Æble fra Lammefjorden.
Det bedste fra havet, som i øjeblikket er høst sild, blæksprutter, kuller (Både fersk og røget) og hummer.

Det syltede fra sommeren kommer også i spild, blandt andet de syltede asparges til Kammerskinken

Desserterne er selvfølgelig kun med danske æbler, som lige nu er fantastiske og i år helt vandvittigt gode.
Der er desserter med både Elstar, Belle de Boscop, Gråsten og Cox Orange.

Vi har gang i alle mulige og umulige tilberednings metoder og som altid er det håndværk og lang tids erfaring der gør maden.

Kom og spis moderne dansk efterårs mad. Det er pakket op med de mest vidunderlige smage
Se menuen her på hjemmesiden
Oven i hatten har vinkortet fået en tur, så der er donbbelt “Whamy” på alt det gode
Se det nye vinkort her på siden

Lisbeth & Bo

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We are ready with this years Christmas menu

We are ready with this years Christmas menu. Much too early, some will say, but already lots of guests have asked for it and even more have reserved tables. We have packed the menu with “Christmas Gold” and as always, our “Piece de resistance” is slow roasted pork shanks, carved at your table.
As you can see on the picture, Bo is very much looking forward to Christmas
(We are booked quickly solid in the restaurant, as well as in our private dining room, so make your reservations now)
You can view the Christmas menu here on the website by pressing the “Christmas menu 2018” button in the upper right hand corner

Bo 01

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