Event calendar 2019

Week 7 at Restaurationen

Week 7 (12-16/2) is the winter holiday. The holiday where you really need to pamper yourself in the cold season.
That is why we, with a special menu, give our guests the opportunity to do just that. A menu at an affordable price, so you can have e wonderful evening, without damaging the wallet.

325 dkk (+ booking fee)

Sunday Lunch at Restaurationen

Sunday 31/3 we are going to eat Sunday Lunch together. We´ll meat at 13:00 and it will be a lunch just like at grand mothers
3 courses from when home cooking was for real

500 dkk

Tickets can be bought via our web site. Pres “Reserve a Table” and make your booking.


In May and June the Danish asparagus are at their best and that why we have to make an asparagus festival with a 4 course menu where all the dishes are made with asparagus. We serve the menu from 14/5 until and including 1/6.

Book a table well in advance, as lots of our guests love to eat the Danish asparagus.

The menu is 795 dkk and we will also compose a wine menu for the dishes


The Autumn Holiday (15/10 – 19/10) is in the middle of the unpredictable autumn. Exactly where you really need a bit of pampering. So just like last year, we have chosen to pamper our guests with a special Autumn Holiday event, where you can enjoy a five course menu for a cozy price.

This year the menu looks like this:

Salmon tartar in smoked salmon. “chimichurri”, fennel salad with dill
Baked hake and langoustine, tarragon sauce, celeriac as pure with smoked salt and pickled
Apple sherbet, marinated apple and apple aqua vitae
Duck glazed with honey and pepper, croquette, cabbage baked with potato and vegetables, bread “Crunch” with lemon and parsley

Almond cake with nougat cream and krokant
Orange parfait and orange compote
Pear terrine with blonde raisins and meringue

The price for the menu is 325 dkk.

If you would like to pair the dishes with wines, we have composed a wine menu:

Wine Menu

2013 Riesling Spätlese Trocken, ”Walluffer Walkenberg”, Rheingau, Germany
2014 Pollux “Sous Voille”, Champ Divin, Jura, France
2014 Beaune 1. Cru, Camille Giroud, Burgundy, France
2002 Riveslates “Ambré 15/10”, Dom. Casenove, Roussillon, France
500 dkk

Wehave opned for booknings, which you can make via this link:
We are always sold out for this event, so book now!!!

Game Menu at Restaurationen

We think it is time for a real game menu.
Thus we will be serving a luxury game menu in week 44 (29/10-2/11)


850 dkk

You can reserve your table through our homepage. Just press “Reserve a Table” and those the day you want to come.


10/11 is Saint Martins Evening and as tradition bids at Restaurationen, we serve our very classic Saint Martins Evening menu:

735 dkk

(Of course you can have a ride on the cheese trolley before dessert)