2016 is the Jubilee year at Restaurationen

We have existed for 25 years. All the year we´ll make events and special arrangements and this is first edition of our event calendar

The first 20 years Restaurationen was run by Lisbeth & Bo Jacobsen, but three years ago Andreas Rank teamed up with Lisbeth and Bo, so now we are three running Restaurationen.

We can´t promise that this is the final version of the event calendar, so keep your eyes open, more may be added during the year.

As the date come closer, the individual events will be posted on our website, to give you all the details on each event.

Friday 15/4 at 19:00 D.W.C. v/ Finn Klysner and Restaurationen are arranging the wine dinner of the year with wines from Az,., Agr. Miani in Friuli, Italy.

Enzo Pontoni, who owns and is the winemaker at Az. Agr. Miani is indisputably on of the greatest personalities in the Italian wine world. The unusually thorough work in the vineyards, combined with super precise work in the cellar, results in the best wines Italy can offer.
Enzo Pontoni works without chemicals and produces yields so low, that the production is very small and therefor it is almost impossible to find his wines.
Through a long personal relationship, D.W.C. have succeeded in obtaining a yearly allocation of the Miani wines.

7 wines from Miani
Aperitiff and appeteizers
6 course menu (see the menu and wines under news)
Coffee and sweets

The price is 2450 dkk

Friday 29/4 at 19:00 Restaurationen and Solo Nebbiolo wine import, have joined forces to present three young wine producers from Piemonte.

Az. Agr. Valfaccenda, Az. Agr. Segni di Lagna og Az. Agr. Olek Bondonio
Three young winemakers that produce wine at absolute top level and all three will participate in the dinner. They will comment on the wines served during the dinner and in all possible ways answer questions.
As the three are friends and know each other´s wines, we will be teasing them a bit, by eltting their wines “battle” for the favor of the dishes.

We offer aperitif with apeteizers, four courses menu, coffee with sweets and will be serving 8 different wines. (See menu and wines under “News”)

The price is 995 dkk

3/5 to 7/5 we celebrate that Lisbeth and Bo started in the business 38 years ago

We do it with a gigantic asparagus festival. All week we serve, a part from the á la carte menu, a 4 course menu (3 starters and main course) where asparagus is an ingredient in all dishes.

The price is 720 dkk

1/9 it is 14 years ago that our Head Chef, Andreas Rank, started in the business

Andreas stems from Funen, so we celebrate his jubilee with a menu inspired by his native island.

5 courses of the most wonderful Danish kind.

The price is 855 dkk

18/10 to 22/10 is the Danish autumn holiday and our 25 year jubilee week

We celebrate by serving a fixed menu, just like we did when we opened Restaurationen and we do it at the same price as 25 years ago. 2 starters, entermet, main course and dessert.

The price is (….and you simply can’t understand it is possible and it isn’t) 250 dkk

1/11 it is 35 years ago that Lisbeth & Bo finished their apprenticeship

Strangely they are still on their small feet, working full throttle in the kitchen 12-14 hours a day. Well that´s how it must be.

We celebrate by serving a 6 course fixed menu, comprised from their favorite dishes served through the 25 years at Restaurationen: 3 starters, main course, cheese dish and 3 desserts.

The price is 955 dkk

10/11 is Saint Martins Evening

Tradition dictates that we serve hen broth with meat balls and dumpling, goose roast we the whole cha bam and old fashioned Danish apple cake.

Of course also we do this in 2016.

The price is 645.-

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